Invest in Brasil

With 8.5 million square kilometers and more than 200 million inhabitants, in addition to a territory rich in natural resources, a solid industry and a consolidated democracy, Brazil is one of the most attractive countries for foreign investment.

A stable financial system and a huge internal market make Brazil a safe destination for investments and give the country the strength to withstand international crises.

Brazil is now the seventh largest recipient of FDI in the world, according to UNCTAD.

Economic reforms of fiscal adjustment form the foundation for the current macroeconomic realignment, ensuring predictability and sustainability for foreign investments.

Brazil also works to increase the competitiveness and productivity of its companies, adopting measures to improve business conditions.
Some of the country's main competitive advantages are:

  • Solid investment environment
  • Huge internal market
  • Innovation hub
  • Large infrastructure projects
  • Potential for energy and agriculture
  • Main economy of the region
  • Gateway to Latin America
  • Global Player.

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