Minister Ernesto Araújo reinforces the country’s openness to investors

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo, was one of the keynote speakers at the Brasil Investment Forum 2019, which began this Thursday (10/10) in São Paulo. For an audience of more than two thousand entrepreneurs and investors, Araújo spoke about the new political and economic environment in the country.

“We want you to be our partners in this project to transform Brazil into a new country, which we are already carrying out”, Araújo said. “We are working to improve the business scenario, social participation in politics and the democratic environment in an unprecedented way in Brazil. On the subject of environment, we are working with a new philosophy of environmental preservation that is not restricted to protection, but that moves towards the generation of jobs and opportunities,” he added.

“Brazil is at the beginning of a new cycle of growth, based on private investment and economic freedom. In the case of the Amazon, for example, we want to transform the region into a new economic hub for sustainable development, based on private investment,” Araújo said.

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